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Sherlock Holmes Spoils All Your Shows, Dammit

Pro tip: Don't watch any of the shows on your DVR with Sherlock Holmes, because he will ruin all of them for you without the obligatory "spoiler alert" that we are so kind to give you before you watch this video that yes, has a ton of spoilers for big shows you may not have watched yet.


The video is heeelarious, but as an old, the first place my mind went was to this deviously brilliant Saturday Night Live sketch starring Jeremy Irons as Holmes ruining everyone's hard work on his surprise party. Oh Sherlock. Why do we love you so much when you're kind of a jerk?

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I will just save you all the trouble and tell you the Sign of Three (Series three episode two of Sherlock on BBC) is not worth your time. Watson gets married, the end. Nothing else of significance happens.