Sherlock Goes Full Mad Men in a New Teaser for Season 4

Wowee, I love these short, weird teasers that are basically a photograph, because you can read so much into them.


First of all, Martin Freeman is looking coiffed as hell. He is 100 percent Silver Fox now, and it’s working for me. Secondly, they’re drowning. Sherlock and Watson of Sherlock are very important serious men, and you know that because they don’t even have time to think about their suits getting ruined in a stank apartment flood. Um, maybe you should check in with Mrs. Hudson to see if she left the tub running?

This all may be an homage to the Season 4 promos for Mad Men, though I don’t see much connection between investigating international crime rings and shilling cigarettes:

Image via AMC.
Image via AMC.

So what bobs to the surface in Sherlock’s house?

  • A violin.
  • Sheet music.
  • A book.
  • A single clog that I thought was a hollow gourd with a bite out of it.
  • A goblet.

There’s also the creepily disembodied hand-reflection of Sherlock himself, appearing to emerge from within the reddish waters. These items add up in my mind to a sinister beginning of what may be the final season. Everything we thought we knew about the world’s greatest detective will be washed away, leaving behind only debris and a lost security deposit. I can’t wait!

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Kat Marlowe

Meh. Elementary is the superior Sherlock adaptation. Come at me, I’m ready.