Sheriff's School Security Posse Has Guns and a Pedophile

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During the disastrous NRA press conference that followed the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting back in December, executive vice president of the NRA Wayne LaPierre suggested that we begin protecting our schools and children by forming groups of "watchdog dads" or armed volunteers that would roam school grounds. Now, Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio is actually doing it, having formed a 3,450-person armed school "posse" that happens include several members with criminal records, including a convicted child molester. Jesus. Fucking. Christ.


Let's take a look at some posse members' rap sheets. Member Dominic Boulter was convicted for crimes against children:

"Boulter began using an online service called in early 2005 to meet young girls between 13 and 17 years old. Boulter ultimately exchanged nude photos and text messages with at least eight underage girls from around the country. Boulter also suggested that he meet the girls in person to engage in sex acts and to get married, according to court documents.

During the encounters, Boulter told the girls he was 15 years old, 27 years old and 32 years old, according to the document.

Boulter admitted to detectives that he had sent harmful images to one underage girl and that he chatted with another via text message and Web cam as he encouraged the child to masturbate, according to court documents."

Member Jacob Cutler was charged with domestic violence:

"According to a Flagstaff police report, Cutler threw his girlfriend to the ground and choked her while trying to sexually assault her in 2008. When she didn't cooperate, he allegedly threatened to call police and said they would side with him, because he ‘has a badge.'"

Despite an outcry from the public and no Arizona schools actually requesting Arpaio's posse's services, Arpaio refuses to disband, saying, "It doesn't matter whether they like it or don't. I'm still going to do it. I can't imagine criticism coming when they're given free protection."

Really, Sheriff? You can't imagine criticism on this?

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Can someone from Arizona please 'splain the continued support for Arpaio? I'm so confused. I mean, I come from a terrible governor state, but this guy's just sadistic.