Shemane Nugent Arrested for Bringing Blunderbuss to Airport Security

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Today in IRONY: The Magazine Dedicated to Anecdotal Instances of Celebrities Getting Hoisted by Their Own Petards & Other Comical Juxtapositionings, Ted Nugent's gun-enthused spouse Shemane Nugent was detained Friday at a Dallas-area airport for trying to go through a security checkpoint with a loaded gun. Public safety officers at the airport arrested Nugent on a third-degree felony weapons charge, which carries up to ten years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.


Now, to the supplementary material. Nugent, who claims she carries a valid concealed handgun license, apparently forgot to unpack her Smith & Wesson .38 Special from her gym bag. She realized her mistake when a TSA official pulled her aside, and promptly informed everyone that, uh, whoopsie! she forgot to take my firearm out of my gym bag. Don't y'all hate when that happens? (The Nugents, FYI, are pretty well known for their gun enthusiasm.) [Reuters]

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I totally feel the pain of forgetting shit you have in your bag at the airport. I made this mistake in Cairo when I was attempting to fly back to the US with a lighter that looked like a classic pistol. (It was the coolest thing ever.) The guard was sooooo proud of himself for finding a "gun" until I grabbed it from him and demonstrated I only use it to light up. Then he looked really embarrassed.

Fuck the TSA is what I am getting at. She shouldn't have been charged with a felony.