Shelter Wisely Names Dog L.L. Bean, Thus Guaranteeing Adoption

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After a year at the Dunn County Humane Society, a dog named L.L. Bean is being adopted by an employee of the company that supplies Americans with sensible outdoorsy fashions. Recently a Wisconsin TV station ran a story about the three-year-old, 80-pound coonhound and it wound up being circulated within the company. The shelter received four adoption applications from employees and now L.L. Bean has been matched with customer service representative Pam Burt. Employees also raised money to cover the dog's $800 transportation fees. We expect this heartwarming tale will lead to more shelter animals being named "Target," "Sears," and "Cheesecake Factory."



I volunteer at my local animal shelter, and I've gotta say — the names we give the dogs make a HUGE difference.

We had this INSANE, crazy-pants Catahoula mix, and a very smart staff member named her Arya (as in Arya Stark from Game of Thrones). Suddenly, her craziness became endearing. She was just "head-strong," "willful," and "spirited," like her namesake. Fans of the books/tv series would crack up when they saw her name on her kennel and want to hang out with her. Even though it took a while to get her adopted, her fan club helped her become more sociable with people.

Dogs and cats named after Arrested Development characters seem to do well, too.