Shed a Tear as Stephen Colbert Visits The Daily Show to Say Goodbye

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Stephen Colbert doesn't move to The Late Show until 2015, but that doesn't mean that his Colbert Report character hasn't started saying his goodbyes. For one of the first stops on his farewell tour, Stephen returned to The Daily Show — the series that helped him grow for correspondent to host — to let Jon Stewart know just how much he appreciates and is going to miss, well, Stephen Colbert.

The segment concludes with a highlight reel of some of Colbert's best Daily Show moments and it's a noteworthy reminder of the years of skill and brilliance that have gone into crafting one of the best satire characters of our time. You can't blame Stephen Colbert for wanting to move on, but, damn, I'm really gonna miss the Report.


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Emma Golddigger

He deserves those piles of money, and it's going to be liberating for him to stop being restricted by the character he's playing, but this SUCKS for those of us who would rather watch The Colbert Report than any formulaic late-night talk show. Poor us.