She Left Him For Him!

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After weeks of rumors that the 19-year-old Snapchat user had broken up with the 25-year-old MTV star who makes tweens faint and had begun dating the 25-year-old YouTube star who makes tweens faint, she and the latter have finally made what appears to be their brand new romantic relationship a matter of public record, as they were photographed frolicking and holding hands on a beach in one of our nation’s most effortlessly coastal states while in varying states of undress over the weekend.


She sported a cleverly draped piece of cotton-based fabric that protected her nipples from the sun’s harmful UV rays only occasionally, while he confused onlookers by wearing his gray t-shirt three different ways: 1) as the designer intended, with his head and arms through their appropriate openings, 2) around his neck as a scarf, and 3) in his hand.

To stay cool and hydrated, he gulped down an orange Gatorade. She, on the other hand, went with what appears to have been either an Evolution Fresh™ Strawberry Banana Smoothie or Pokémon™ GO Frappuccino® from Starbucks. Though I can’t be certain which drink she chose, those of you who know her like I know her definitely know she made a decision.


Congrats to the potentially happy unconfirmed new couple! I hope the other guy doesn’t recognize either of you in these photos, as your obvious passion for one another may be too much for his broken heart to handle.

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So... she’s not dating her brother’s ex-GF anymore?