"She Is Very Small. Her Uterus Doesn't Have The Ability To Hold One, Let Alone Two Children."

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A 9-year-old Brazilian girl, carrying twins after being raped by her stepfather, had an abortion yesterday. Abortion's illegal in Brazil but judges can make exceptions. A lawyer for the Archdiocese says: "We consider this murder." [MSNBC]


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Playing devil's advocate here, the church's position is likely not one of complete disregard for the child. The attitude is simply: two wrongs don't make things right. It is a great sin that this child was raped, but we cannot consent to another double "murder" in the aftermath. For many Catholics, this is probably seen as a difficult test for one's commitment to not-killing. The little girl should be raised with love and a good psychiatrist = and her children should have a chance to live. There is also an attitude of, humans should not judge and kill as that is the singular right of God.

Just to make it clear, I don't agree with vehement pro-lifers. However, the comments here are getting pretty reactionary. Just because a community is not pro-choice, does not make them so thoroughly amoral or without compassion or arrogant or fanatical or uneducated filth... So an entire religion becomes thoroughly evil? It is okay to feel righteous anger on behalf of this poor child, but let's not slide into this shit-talk. And let's remember that, ironically, many Christians would paint pro-lifers as similarly amoral, without compassion, arrogant and fanatical.