'She Can't Really Sing': The Best Real Housewives Hot Mic Moments

You’d think after allowing cameras into their lives for so many years, Real Housewives cast members would realize that anything they say in the vicinity of a camera crew is being recorded.

And yet, every season, we get an unsuspecting housewife (or husband, or father) saying something they really shouldn’t, just when they thought the cameras had stopped rolling.


From Barbara announcing that LuAnn “can’t really sing” (while at LuAnn’s cabaret show) to LeeAnne Locken’s baffling carnival talk at a doctor’s office, these are the moments that made us—and the boom operators—gasp, stand up, and clap our hands. I mean, they’re just hands... but they work quite well.



Gizelle seems like a hot mess in her interactions with the other housewives, men she’s dating, and her wardrobe, but I’ve got to say, her father has been speaking truth for decades, and her daughters seem extremely smart, conscientious, and emotionally mature. I can only believe that in the day-to-day, she’s passed along positive parenting skills to her kids, despite the bizarre Housewives-seeking drama and the mess of her relationship with Jamal.

I had completely forgotten about Barbara and miss her now. She brought the cred to NY so I felt slightly less like I was being gaslit.