Shawn's A Balanced Flip Flopper

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Chicago, July 23: Shawn Johnson competes on the balance beam during the Covergirl Classic gymnastics competition. The 2011 CoverGirl Classic is the final qualifying event for the 2011 Visa Championships, which is USA Gymnastics' national championship scheduled for Aug. 17-20 in Saint Paul, Minn. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)

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I always watch gymnastics and diving with a sense of awe, holy crap human bodies can do some interesting things. (similarly most olympic endeavors, but especially those two). I also flinch with every flip by a solid object— I have a strong paranoia of falling on my head, breaking my neck, and being paralyzed (to the point i can't do cartwheels, and every diving attempt ends u in a belly flop; hell, i tense up when a masseuse tries to manipulate my neck!).