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Shaunae Miller, the 22-year-old sprinter from Nassau, Bahamas, has won gold: she beat out the multiple-gold United States champ Allyson Felix and rising Jamaican superstar Shericka Jackson in the women’s 400m with a sprint that was so turbo she seemed to barely be able to stop herself from running even after she reached the finish line first.

Felix, a world champion from the USA who’s earned four Olympic golds since 2008 among others, was the sprinter to beat; Miller, who took second place in the semifinals for this relay and fourth in the first round, bested both her and Jackson by under a second. Last year at the world championships in Beijing, Jackson took third.

At the end of the race, Felix and Jackson walked back to Miller—still on the ground, crying! If you watched along you maybe cried too—and helped her up, second and third, everyone together in this.

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This is a trio of winners.

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Miller. Hastings. Jackson. Felix. Francis.

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