Sharon Stone Will Star in a New National Treasure-Like Show

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Guess TNT has decided NOT to take my advice and accept its destiny as the 24/7 Law and Order marathon channel. According to the Hollywood Reporter, they're currently cooking up the pilot for a drama titled Agent X—and Sharon Stone has just been cast as its star.


Stone will play Natalie Maccabee, the nation's first female Vice President. This is no Veep copycat, though. Not even close! The synopsis, via the Hollywood Reporter, is bananas:

After the death of her husband, a Senate candidate, Natalie opted to run in his place. After a rapid rise as a political star, she now finds herself the newly elected vice president of the United States. Initially apprehensive that her job will be ceremonial in nature, she soon learns that it comes with a top-secret duty: protecting the Constitution in times of great crisis with the aid of her Chief Steward and a secret operative designated "Agent X."


Presumably this was Benjamin Franklin's idea. This sounds like his doing.

It's the brainchild of William Blake Herron, who wrote the script for The Bourne Identity, and they're describing it as Bourne meets National Treasure. Throw in a Joe Biden cameo and I'm sold.

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Sounds kinda meh. I'll stick with Sleepy Hollow for my primetime dose of National Treasure-style Forefather Freemasonry.