Sharon Stone Says Being Struck By Lightning Is 'Like, Woah!'

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Here are some things that have happened to Sharon Stone in her 62 years on this planet, as the actress recently recounted on the Films to be Buried With podcast. At age 14, Stone ran into a clothesline while riding a horse. (She’s still got the scar on her neck. “My mother saved my life,” she says. ) In 2016, she suffered a stroke. She still considers herself “tremendously lucky to be alive.”

But as misfortunes tend to come in threes, the Emmy-winner was also once struck by lightning, an experience Stone describes as, accurately, “really intense.”

“I was filling the iron with water,” Stone says. “I had one hand on the faucet, one hand on the iron and the well got hit with lightning and the lighting came up through the water ... I got picked up and thrown across the kitchen, and I hit the refrigerator,” she explained. “I was like, ‘Whoa!’


“I’ve had a lot of things,” she added. “It’s crazy.” [Us Weekly]

A ring. Some Christmas carolers. A few breakups. A prince in ill-fitting jeans and sensible sweaters. A bizarre joke about a turkey baster. Tinsley Mortimer is leaving The Real Housewives of New York, effective immediately, and moving to Chicago with Scott Kluth. “I know that if I don’t take this moment right now, I will regret it for the rest of my life,” Mortimer said. “I have to listen to myself and what I want and nobody else.” Jezebel congratulates the housewife on her newfound sense of inner peace. [People]

Area family gets a goldendoodle, estimated retail value $2,100:


Glee and Hamilton star Sammie Ware has given an interview about her tweet suggesting Lea Michele’s invocation of #BlackLivesMatter was in bad faith, calling Michele a “mean girl from day one.” In Variety, she describes “the silent treatment, the stare-downs, the looks, the comments under her breath, the weird passive-aggressiveness. It all built up,” she says:

“It shouldn’t have to take my tweet. When you tweet, “Black lives matter,” that would mean you have an understanding of what that hashtag means, but it’s clear that it doesn’t,” Ware says. “Does Lea even know what a microaggression is? I don’t know. All that her apology did was affirm that she hasn’t learned anything. Am I calling Lea a racist? No. Does Lea have racist tendencies? I think Lea suffers from a symptom of living in this world in an industry that is tailored to white people.”



  • Wendy Williams is reportedly “miserable” at home. [Page Six]
  • Lady Gaga’s bassist was a cop. [E! Online]
  • Meghan Markle pal Jessica Mulroney has apologized for her “white privilege,” after a series of posts from Canadian influencer Sasha Exeter. [People]

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As a Canadian I just want to say how fucked up what Jessica Mulroney did. She’s on TV as a nepotism hire (her husband, the son of a former Prime Minister, has been an entertainment tv host for years). She is the waspiest wasp lady ever. Sasha Exeter made a video asking people in the fashion industry to do better regarding black representation. She didn’t call anyone out but ol’ Jessica took it personally and DM’d Sasha and said she was going to contact the brands she works with/her employers for basically being mean to Jessica (I know, wtf right?) Sasha shared in a video that this was happening and named Jessica. Jessica then publically apologized in the comment section of the video, and then 5mins later DM’d Sasha again this time threatening her with a liable suit (she actually threatened her with “libel” because privilege doesn’t make you smart). Sasha spoke out again, because it’s fucked up, and now Jessica has put out several PR apologies and all her TV employers and brands have dropped her. Bye Jess! Don’t let the door hit your racist ass on the way out! (Oh Jessica also said she’s experienced racism firsthand because she saw what happened to bestie Megan Markle, which is how Megan got dragged into this.)