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Sharing Your Netflix Password Could Land You In Jail

Illustration for article titled Sharing Your Netflix Password Could Land You In Jail

If you're using online services like Netflix or Rhapsody under an account you don't pay for you could be prosecuted — if you live in Tennessee. The state has passed a new law that makes it a crime to use a friend's login, even if they give you permission to use it. Those convicted of stealing $500 or less could face a year in jail and a fine of $2,500. Stealing over $500 could mean a felony charge with more jail time and bigger fines. The law is aimed at hackers who sell login information in bulk, but could certainly be used against that kid who lets everyone in his dorm use his dad's Netflix password.


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Jane, you ignorant slut.

I wonder where they draw the line on this. Can your husband borrow it for his computer? Your live-in romantic partner you're not married to? Your roommate? Your spouse if you're temporarily in two different households for work purposes?

Also, this is the least ridiculous law to pass in Tennessee for a while. In the past few weeks, we've passed laws taking away teachers' right to collective bargaining, and the state government overturned a Nashville non-discrimination law that required city contractors to not discriminate against gays and lesbians. Why are we focusing on the Netflix law?