Shannen Doherty And The "I Hate Brenda" Backlash

Before the invention of the internet, you had to get creative in order to ridicule your least favorite actors and actresses. Enter a giant piñata of Shannen Doherty's head, a punk single called "Hating Brenda," and something called the I Hate Brenda Newsletter.


This vintage treat from 1993 takes a look at the world of rabid 90210 fans that hated Brenda Walsh more than anything else in the world. When MTV News interviewed the editor of the I Hate Brenda Newsletter, she explained her beef with the character: "She started off as this sweet girl who came from Minnesota — and all of a sudden her character has developed into this stuck-up bitch." She goes on, "I think the line dividing Shannen Doherty and Brenda Walsh has been completely erased and they have now melded into each other."

Through a series of interviews, a common theme arises: as much as Brenda sucked as the seasons went on, people simply did not like the actual Shannen Doherty. One fan said, "I think it's her off-camera social decorum — it leaves a lot to be desired," and another went so far to accused her of "pop-culture terrorism." The handmade posters and passionate chants kind of makes you feel nostalgic for the days when people didn't spread their hate by trolling the comments section of a website, doesn't it?

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I love Brenda. She did everything on her own terms. Unlike her brother, she was able to display her good-hearted concern & activism without getting judgy & intrusive. She had some "bitchy" moments, but I don't think I would fared much different given her father's ridiculously overbearing sexual double standards, her backstabbing best friend & boyfriend, & her other friends' frequent propensity to rashly turn against her on the basis of false assumptions. Plus, she seamlessly wove vintage pieces in her wardrobe long before it was cool.

Back in '93, I was on the Brenda's a bitch wagon along with everyone else, but when I started catching reruns a few years back, I realized that Brenda Walsh was the only one in the insufferable lot I'd ever want to know in real life. Shannen Doherty, on the hand, not so much.