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A business woman in Ukraine ended a laborious and dull meeting by doing what any sane person would do: Spraying her colleagues with her breast milk.

The video, according to Reddit, was filmed at an annual law conference during a meeting that had supposedly gone on for 14 hours. It begins with several people shouting as the woman fights to free her breast. She then—in a moment that’s contrarily tense and relieving, primal and sophisticated, inevitable and surprising—begins squirting.


The woman can be heard shouting (as one Redditor translated), “I can’t anymore! I want to go home. Declare a break!”

Whether the video is real or a viral stunt, allow the lesson of this tit-wielding renegade to sink in. Breast milk has many uses, including (but not limited to) feeding a baby and shaking up an otherwise boring meeting.


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