Shake Up a Dull Meeting by Spraying Your Breast Milk Everywhere

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A business woman in Ukraine ended a laborious and dull meeting by doing what any sane person would do: Spraying her colleagues with her breast milk.

The video, according to Reddit, was filmed at an annual law conference during a meeting that had supposedly gone on for 14 hours. It begins with several people shouting as the woman fights to free her breast. She then—in a moment that’s contrarily tense and relieving, primal and sophisticated, inevitable and surprising—begins squirting.


The woman can be heard shouting (as one Redditor translated), “I can’t anymore! I want to go home. Declare a break!”

Whether the video is real or a viral stunt, allow the lesson of this tit-wielding renegade to sink in. Breast milk has many uses, including (but not limited to) feeding a baby and shaking up an otherwise boring meeting.

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imtiredthatisall IS just like Gywneth Paltrow

14 HOURS? I bet they didn’t let her pump either. Her boobs had to have been agonizingly sore.

Just imagine if someone told you you couldn’t pee for 14 hours and had to just hold it. Would you not start pissing all over the ground eventually?