Shailene Woodley Eats Bugs On the Regular, Says It's The Future

This month's NYLON cover girl, actress Shailene Woodley told the mag she considers bugs the future of food. "I've eaten ants and that was great," she said. "And June bugs, that was great. I think the future of food is in insects, so we'll see what happens." Me and Woodley, well we have different views on the apocalypse (the era where bug eating will be totally normal). See, I believe if we come to a time where bugs are the only food around to consume then it's a wrap for me in general and no thank you. And Woodley, Woodley believes in bugs.

[US Weekly]


Stars, they wanna fuck just like us. Stars, they want to fuck us, too. And that's why Andy Cohen is on Tinder. "I have no shame in my game. I'm there, I'm swiping," he told PEOPLE. "You know … Where am I going to meet an architect who lives in Brooklyn besides Tinder at this point?" he said. "It's the modern-day singles bar." Nowhere, Andy. Not a single other place.

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Joan Rivers hated Ben Stiller in life and they never did resolve it before her death. The actor spoke candidly about their relationship to Howard Stern on Wednesday. "She had a thing about me. She didn't like me," he said. "I never had an interaction with her," Stiller went on. "I didn't understand why she didn't like me — I mean I can understand that someone doesn't like me, whatever … You're allowed to have your opinion, but she had a thing because she was friends with my parents."

Dang. And sad.

[Page Six]

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