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Shailene Woodley Says No to Status Quo in the Trailer for Divergent

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I haven't read Divergent, the best selling YA novel by Veronica Roth (who is only 25 YEARS OLD), but I'm starting to think I should. It hits all of marks of what makes a good book: it takes place in a dystopian future, it's written for teenagers and it's been made it into a movie, which means that you never actually have to read a word of it unless you really want to, NERD. (Kidding, of course. If Reading Rainbow taught me anything, it's that books are very important.)


Last night at the VMAs, actress and star of the Divergent film adaptation Shailene Woodley premiered the film's trailer. It looks good, albeit very Hunger Games-y. Still, it has Kate Winslet in it. Did The Hunger Games have Kate Winslet in it? No, it did not.


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Official Witch of Los Angeles

Question: Why are most (successful) YA novels about sci-fi or fantasy/futuristic type worlds and situations? Whatever happened to writing about "real life?" Do kids not want to read about the awkward pangs of being a teenager anymore?