Sexy Valentine's Gift Alert: A Crocheted Men's Minions Thong

Minion looks comfy
Minion looks comfy

A sexy-as-hell (kinda too sexy) crocheted Minions thong for men is available for purchase on Etsy.

For Valentine’s Day (or just general pleasure), sex-having Minions lovers can get what looks like a Minion dangling from your person for the cost of around $20 (or a little more for larger sizes).

Via Mashable:

The Etsy shop doesn’t offer too much more information, besides that the thong is made from an acrylic yarn and that it’s “suitable for both personal use [or] as a gift.”

And they’re handmade, which adds a personal touch to something which could otherwise be seen as terrifying.


There’s also a version for women, so Minions-obsessed couples can mate and multiply.

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