Sex And The City 2 Is Just A Living, Breathing Catalog

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OMG! The fashion! The real fashion! And the "inspired by" fashion! Glitter-dusted gold pumps! The famous white Halston Heritage dress! As Stephanie Rosenbloom writes in the NY Times:

The film has yet to hit theaters and already wallet-friendly versions of its sartorial extravagances are in stores…
Being frugal, however, does not mean always forgoing the real thing. Some of the clothes in the film are less costly than you may think.

The Times piece lists lots and lots of things for you to buy, from Samantha's $7,250 big gold Cleopatra earrings to Charlotte York-Goldenblatt's $32 cupcake-print apron. You'll find a bunch of branded crap over at the HBO store. There's even a site called The Sex And The City 2 Closet, which looks like Carrie's famous closet, except you can point and click on handbags and dresses, then bust out your credit card and place an order. See: The show may have been about how friendships blossom whilst negotiating the ever-changing rules and obstacles of being a single woman in New York, but the message of the film, clearly, is: Shop.

You Don't Need a Mr. Big [NY Times]

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