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Several Of J. Lo's Men Have Commented On Her Abs

Ha, J.Lo set a very effective thirst trap on Instagram, and multiple lovers, past and present, fell into it and drowned.


Ah yes, I too relax next to my (fake?) fire with my cozy hat and bikini top and razor-sharp abs. The obvious hilarity of this tableau aside, the picture drew the attention of her ex, Diddy, who commented “OMG [heart eyes emoji].


Not to be outdone, her current boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, posted “Lucky me,” with a heart, a baseball and a check mark. I’m not sure what those things mean, so I’m going to read into it and say it’s “Wow, with those abs, you can finally play baseball!” Romantic, I guess.

To my knowledge, neither Ben Affleck nor Marc Anthony commented. But if they did, what emojis would they use? That should entertain you in the comments for awhile.


Internet, if you are good for ANYTHING you will Photoshop this delightful image of pregnant Meghan Markle and a (probably) horny school lad beaming at each other.


What are they both thinking?

Update: I just remembered what this reminds me of:

Illustration for article titled Several Of J. Los Men Have Commented On Her Abs
Screenshot: Mad Men


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To be fair, if I looked like J-Lo, I’d be flaunting it all over creation too.