Seven Women's Bodies Found in Northern Indiana; Suspect In Custody

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Seven women are dead in northwest Indiana and a 43 year-old man has confessed to killing them, including 19-year-old Afrikka Hardy and 35-year-old Anith Jones. The police are referring to the man as a "person of interest" while they continue their investigation but fear they may be dealing with a serial killer.


On Friday, Hardy, 19, was discovered at a Motel 6 where she had been strangled to death. Once police made the connection between Hardy and the "person of interest," he was brought in for questioning. It was then that he confessed to killing seven women, including three more found on Saturday and another three on Sunday. He told police the locations of the bodies in various boarded up houses across northwest Indiana in the cities of Gary and Hammond, according to Chicago's WGN. Among them was Jones, who had been missing since October 8.

Police say the "person of interest" has not been charged. However Gary's Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson did tell ABC 7 Chicago that he is a sex offender with multiple pending cases from Austin, Texas who migrated to Gary in 2004.


Image via ABC News.

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My husband's family is from Indiana and I just asked him what it was that made people there seem to be overtly murderous (i mean, c'mon, most stories come out of Indiana these days).

His reply: