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Serial's Asia McClain Is Writing a Book About Adnan Syed

Illustration for article titled iSerial/is Asia McClain Is Writing a Book About Adnan Syed

Asia McClain, famous for being a crucial alibi witness in Adnan Syed’s murder trial, is writing a book based on her involvement in the case.


Confessions of a Serial Alibi is out June 7 under Post Hill Press and in it, according to the publisher’s description, “Asia McClain tells her story for the very first time,” even though she kinda already has several times.


Nearly 16 years after the case was closed and Syed was sentenced to prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee, NPR’s Serial podcast re-opened the can of worms. Then, in February, McClain testified for Syed at new court hearings to appeal for a new trial.

McClain tweeted the book cover, which pictures her in what looks like a library, which is juicy because her story is that she saw Syed in the library around the time of the murder. She’s a Serial alibi. Get it?

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Culture Editor, Jezebel

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