Serial Killer Victim's Dad Tries to Attack the Murderer in Shocking Courtroom Video

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During serial killer Michael Madison’s sentencing on Thursday, the father of one of his victims dove over a courtroom table in an attempt to confront the killer.


Madison was sentenced to death in a Cleveland court, after a jury convicted him last month of murdering three women—Angela Deskins (age 38), Shetisha Sheeley (28) and Shirellda Terry (18). The women’s bodies were discovered in garbage bags near Madison’s apartment in July 2013.

Van Terry, Shirellda Terry’s father, got up to address the court, stating, “I guess we are supposed to find it in our hearts to forgive this clown... who has taken my child.” Terry then leapt over the table toward Madison in a shocking expression of grief. reports:

Panic alarms were triggered throughout the Cuyahoga County Justice Center after Van Terry, father or Shirellda Terry, turned from the podium where he was speaking and leapt across the table and grappled at Madison’s face and throat.


Court officials were forced to restrain Terry, as seen in the video below.

Image screengrab via Fox 8


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This makes absolute sense and my heart aches for this man. Having said that, that's a fucking amazing picture.