Serena Williams has finally given a fully-formed, thoughtful apology during a press conference today for comments she made in a Rolling Stone interview about the Steubenville rape victim's irresponsible choices — this is after a previous half-assed statement on Twitter that blamed the reporter taking her words out of context. (The words being: "I'm not blaming the girl, but...")

“I apologize for everything that was said in that article. I feel like, you know, you say things without having all the information. It’s really important before you make certain comments to have a full list, have all the information, all the facts. I reached out to the family immediately once the article came out, and I had a really productive, sincere conversation with the mother and the daughter. We came to a wonderful understanding, and we’re constantly in contact.”

Another moment in the piece features her talking on the phone to sister Venus about Maria Sharapova and Sharapova's boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov — who was previously romantically linked with Williams. "He has a black heart," she is written as saying. Naturally, the latter comment has gotten more press attention, because two famous hot ladies havin' a hot lady CATFIGHT.

In the following days, Sharapova fired back: "If she wants to talk about something personal, maybe she should talk about her relationship, and her boyfriend that was married, and is getting a divorce and has kids." Daaaaamn.

Now Williams, who already semi-apologized once for the Steubenville comment, made another, far better attempt at taking back her words today. She also briefly addressed Sharapova's retort ("I definitely was told of the comments. I definitely like to keep my personal life personal.")

'Serena Williams Responds to Sharapova’s Comments' [NYT]

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