Serena Williams Is Launching Her Own Beauty Line

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Serena Williams, slayer of tennis balls and bad-ass style icon, is gearing up to launch her own makeup line.


According to TMZ, Williams filed documents to trademark the name “Aneres,” which sounds like it could easily be the Greek goddess of Crushing It but is in fact Serena spelled backwards. That’s fortunate for her—mine’s Nerual, which just sounds like a prescription vaginal dryness ointment. Some people have all the luck.

Williams’s new beauty empire is shaping up to be vast—she’s stamped the brand on 18 categories, including skin care, makeup removers, colognes and perfumes, makeup kits, bath soaps, lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, hair care products and more.


Williams has previously said that the only makeup she wears while playing is eyeliner, since everything else runs off her face and down her arms and drips all over the court (paraphrased). Many have speculated that perhaps this means she’ll develop some functional sweat-proof cosmetics, which would be a godsend for anyone who occasionally runs into their ex at the gym and would at least like to be armed with some mascara when it happens.

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I dye my eyebrows and lashes so I don’t have to use (as much) makeup. Generally sweat-proof. Ijs.