Serena Williams Had a Baby Shower and It Was for Sure a Great Excuse to Dress Up

Soon Serena Williams will be delivering a baby unto the world, and as is tradition, she celebrated with a party. Most baby showers are pretty boring, in my experience, but at least celebrities go all out with costume themes that are completely unrelated to the matter at hand.

The 1950s-style sock hop provided plenty of excellent photo opportunities for both group shots of powerful women in poodle skirts, and the coveted solo shot in front of a shiny red truck. Venus was there, of course, but Ciara, Kelly Rowland, La La Anthony and Eva Longoria also all dressed up in their best jukebox leaning-looks to honor this baby:


There was also this equal parts horrifying and amazing look from hair stylist Angela Meadows, as Lucille Ball.


Hard to tell if these elaborate themed and costumed parties that don’t take place on Halloween are something celebrities do because they’re famous, or if people who love costumes most often end up famous, but it does seem like this is a baby shower that actually got fun:

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Honestly I much prefer a costume/theme party to one with a cryptic dress code. My friend’s wedding invite instructed guests to dress in Napa Valley formal, like WTF is that?