Serena Williams Casually One-Ups Catsuit-Hating French Open With Even Hotter Outfit

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For residents of the nation that invented fashion (and cheese) (right?), the French Open’s administration seem unreasonably averse to it. Last year, President Bernard Giudicelli told Tennis Magazine that Serena Williams’s fire catsuit “would no longer be accepted,” due, I assume, to the fact that it dared suggest Williams had a sick lady body underneath it. This year, Williams acquiesced to new dress code rules and left the catsuit at home, but showed up for the first round on Monday in something much hotter.

Like, my god:


Williams’s look, part of a collaboration between Nike and Off-White’s Virgil Abloh, features a cape jacket imprinted with the words “Mother, Champion, Queen, Goddess.” Beneath the cape jacket, she’s got on a crop top and a tennis skirt—no catsuit, as that’s been banned by the French Tennis Federation, but I can’t imagine it’s what Giudicelli & Friends had in mind when they imposed the new guidelines last year.

Williams, whose fashion on and off the court has long been admirable, said she wore the catsuit to help deal with blood clots sustained during her difficult pregnancy, which makes it all the more enraging that the French Tennis Federation deemed it unacceptable. Williams also said the suit made her feel like a superhero and a “warrior,” though certainly this year’s outfit isn’t any less powerful—in it, she advanced to the second round of the Open.


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With some imagination, rules are too easy and so fun to bend.

May the Goddesses grant her healing, no injuries this time, fire all the way.