Serena Beats Venus to Advance to U.S. Open Semifinals

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On Thursday night, Serena Williams beat her sister Venus Williams 6-2, 1-6, 6-3 to reach the U.S. Open semifinals. If Serena wins the U.S Open, she will become the first player since Steffi Graff to win all four majors (Serena already completed the “Serena Slam” when she won Wimbledon earlier this year). The sisters exchanged a tender moment after the match where, according to the New York Times, Venus congratulated Serena saying, “I’m so happy for you.”


Though Serena took the match, Venus deserves a bit of recognition too. The Times reports:

At 35, Venus, the No. 23 seed, was the oldest woman to play in a Grand Slam quarterfinal since Martina Navratilova, then 37, at Wimbledon in 1994.


Serena will face Roberta Vinci on Thursday.

Image via AP.

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fighting polish, white sox rememberer

Poor Venus looked so miserable the entire time. It was such a lose-lose situation for her-if she won, she ruins her sister’s chance at greatness. If she lost, she once again comes up short against her sister.

Which is why I think she looked so relieved when the match was done, and why that big bear hug was so full of raw emotion. Great match between those two (although Serena has kept up her habit of just fucking around for one set, as she has all year long).