Sentimental Couple Gets Married at a New Jersey IKEA

If Wal-Mart just isn't your thing, rest assured that you can officially get married at an IKEA, right between your favorite EXPEDIT bookcase and that pair of FÖRTJUST candlesticks you've been coveting, which will definitely find a home on top of your TORSBY dining room table. Better yet, you can get married at the IKEA store in Elizabeth, New Jersey, located a mere six miles away from Newark, often considered the car theft capital of the world.


Shirley Stewart and Berkeley “Rashid” Smith did just that this weekend, only their location of choice was the frame department where they had met eight years earlier, and not the bistro/exit cafe near the horse meat meatballs "They found love in the photo department," a friend said during the ceremony. According to the New Jersey Star-Ledger, after careful study, the groom clarified that they'd met "next to stacks of pre-cut mat boards and a hanging sign promising SAXNAS frames for $4.99."

The wedding was witnessed (though not in a legal capacity) by IKEA spokewoman Olivia Johnson, who attended on her day off. Several old ladies with shopping carts looked on with confusion, joined by a small group of the couple's family and friends (the pair have seven children between them).


"She's just my world, so it's the happiest day of my life," said Smith. "I'm ready to break down and cry now." Aww.

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Screenshots via the Star-Ledger

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