Senior Citizens Rescued From Flooded Nursing Home

Above are senior citizens in the La Vita Bella nursing home in Dickinson, a city near the coast of Texas. The photo was taken by the nursing home owner and tweeted this morning by her son-in-law; the image went viral, and within hours, fifteen residents were air-lifted out. Dickinson emergency management coordinator David Popoff tells the Galveston County Daily News that rescues in the area are ongoing.


The public hospital in nearby Harris County, which includes Houston, has begun evacuating patients since flooding cut out its power supply, according to the New York Times. Other Houston-area hospitals with flood protection remain open but rescuers are having difficulty delivering patients. So far, five fatalities have been reported.


Earlier today, the City of Houston reported that 911 calls were at capacity, so here are alternative numbers and a handy guide for volunteer relief efforts.

Staff reporter, Gizmodo. wkimball @ gizmodo

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The original pic was shared in a public Facebook post from the daughter of the nursing home owner/manager. She was pleading for help. And what were half of the comments? People insisting that the picture was fake.

This is the legacy of #fakenews. Every story, every picture must be fake. “Why are they just sitting there? What’s up with the person’s legs just chillin in the lower left corner?” BECAUSE THEY ARE ELDERLY AND LIKELY FUCKING DISABLED.

This is Katrina II, Electric Motherfucking Bugaloo. But now, instead of looking at the awful images and thinking “Oh the humanity” and feeling helpless, the “fake news” crowd is out there Alex Jonesing.