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Send Us Your Stories of Working for Donald Trump

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Donald Trump is having an embarrassing week, with even the very white golf community distancing itself from him and his racist remarks about Mexican immigrants being “rapists” and “criminals.” In a neat and predictable bit of irony, the Washington Post reported Sunday that some of the workers finishing a Trump hotel in Washington D.C. may be undocumented.


“In light of Trump’s comments,” the Post reported, some of the largely Latin American workers at the downtown D.C. construction site said they were worried for their job security “while others simply expressed disgust over the opinions of the man ultimately responsible for the creation of those jobs.” Some of the men interviewed said they had crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally before obtaining citizenship or visas; others said they remained undocumented.

The Trump Organization employs thousands of people—at construction sites, at hotels, at golf courses, in high rises, as well as at the Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss Universe pageants. It can’t be easy right now working for Trump, particularly if you’re someone who finds his comments repellent or who is being personally attacked and impugned by them.


If you are or have been employed by Donald Trump or the Trump organization in any capacity, we want to hear your stories. We will protect your privacy. Contact us here, or for added anonymity, by Secure Drop.


Donald Trump esta en medio de una semana vergonzosa, con mucha gente—aun la comunidad de golf—distanciándose de sus comentarios racistas sobre los inmigrantes indocumentados. Pero en un toque de la ironía, el Washington Post informó este domingo que puede que algunos de los trabajadores de acabado de un hotel Trump en Washington DC están indocumentados.

“A la luz de los comentarios de Trump,” informó el Post, algunos de los trabajadores en el sitio de la construcción en DC dijeron que estaban preocupados por su seguridad en el empleo “mientras que otros simplemente expresaron disgusto por las opiniones del hombre en última instancia.”

Algunos de los hombres entrevistados reportaron que habían cruzado la frontera mexicana-estadounidense de manera ilegal antes de obtener la ciudadanía o los visados para vivir y trabajar en Los Estados Unidos; otros dijeron que seguían indocumentados todavía.


La Organización Trump emplea a miles de personas en obras de construcción, en los hoteles, en los campos de golf, en edificios altos, así como en los concursos de Miss EE.UU., de Miss Teen EE.UU., y de Miss Universo. No puede ser fácil en estos momentos trabajando para Trump, sobre todo si usted es alguien que encuentra su comentarios repelente o que está siendo atacado y impugnado por ellos personalmente.

Si usted es actualmente o ha sido empleado en el pasado por Donald Trump o la Organización Trump en cualquier capacidad queremos escuchar sus historias. Vamos a proteger su privacidad. Póngase en contacto con nosotros aquí, o al anonimato al Secure Drop.


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I will unconditionally believe every single word about this man. If someone writes in to say he has a fetish for German circus clowns, I will believe it. If another person writes in to say that Trump makes his employees watch Beetlejuice once a year for motivational purposes, I will believe it. If someone details the time that they had to serve him at a dinner party, and saw Trump take off his socks, dip them in a bowl of shark fin soup, and then wore the socks as gloves, I will believe it. I will believe it all.