Senator Jeff Klein to Google Images: 'susan del percio hot'

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“Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question,” wrote the poet E.E. cummings. Which is, I’m sure, what New York senator Jeff Klein was reciting repeatedly when he his “female, junior communications staffer” pocket tweeted a link to a Google Image search for ‘susan del percio hot’—from her phone, of course.


Reports Business Insider:

In the tweet, which was deleted shortly after it was posted, there was a string of seemingly random characters followed by a link to a search for “susan del percio hot.” Susan Del Percio is a GOP strategist who has worked as an adviser to Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and the 2013 mayoral campaign of Republican Joe Lhota.

Klein spokeswoman Candice Giove sent a statement to Business Insider blaming the tweet on an unnamed staffer.

“A female, junior communications staffer - who also happens to be a recent hire in our office - accidentally tweeted a link from her personal phone,” Giove said. “As is the case with most elected officials, staff have access to and are responsible for social media updates for their principal. Mistakes like this happen and are taken seriously. We extend our apologies to Susan.”

The last time I pocket tweeted, it was the phone number to Seamless’s customer service (which I’d called to see where my crispy spring rolls were), and I almost felt bad about taking down the tweet, because they have excellent customer service and an accidental tweet is sort of like free advertising. But life goes on.

Either way, I hope this anonymous “female staffer” still has a “job” after her “mistake.”

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I’m cringing so hard right now. Google search histories can be so embarrassing and personal so I feel kinda bad for him. A few gems from mine: bloated gassy treatment, cure breakout overnight, and peanut butter truffles. Those are the tame ones!