Senator Claire McCaskill Begs Men to Consider Shutting Up More

On the Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, Senator Claire McCaskill dropped by to make an instructive video about all the subjects on which men should “shut the hell up.” We’re listening. We’re right here with you.


McCaskill noted that “as one of just 20 women serving in the Senate,” it’s important to her to encourage more women to consider running for office. Additionally, she added, it’s important for men to consider shushing on many topics. “The world doesn’t need your opinion on everything.”

The main one, naturally, is “What women do with their bodies.” (Let’s recall that McCaskill is a longtime supporter of abortion rights, and, futhermore, that when she was a legislator in the Missouri House, the Speaker suggested she “bring her kneepads” to his office if she wanted to get a bill passed.)

As a bonus, the Senator suggests, why don’t you try hushing up on the following:

Star Wars. Pants suits. Selfies. Shonda Rhimes. Curtains. Carbs. Millenials. Body hair removal. Religion. Gluten. Harry Potter. Nut allergies. Star Wars again. All art in general. Whether or not to brine the Thanksgiving turkey. And ethics in gaming journalism.

Naturally, Gamergate is on it:


Kotaku in Action, Gamergate’s very special corner of Reddit, erupted with lengthy debates about whether she was joking or “beyond irresponsible:”

Seeing as how this was on Colbert, I thought it was meant to be a joke. But she sounds totally serious. Did she just tell men to stop mansplaining because they aren’t allowed to have an opinion on something?

So I guess that means women can’t have opinions issues on divorce, circumcision or male expendability in forms of media :X among other things

Star Wars is awesome, pantsuits should be straight legged, selfies are retarded, who is this Shonda Rhimes you speak of? curtains: yes please, people should control their carb intake a little better, millenials have to get their shit together, you are big boys and girls now c’mon, body hair removal is painful, religion is bullshit, gluten won’t kill you (unless you are a celiac), Harry Potter is good yet overrated, nut alergy sucks balls, Star Wars is shit (the prequels), art is nice, brining ruins a perfectly good turkey, ethics in gaming journalism (as in journalism in general) are compromised, and newsflash: you are not my fucking mom!

The day I stop giving my opinion about Star Wars and Harry Potter is the day they’ll pry my collection of the films and books of both series from my cold, dead, sausage-y man-fingers.


Yes. You have in no way just proved her point.

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I want her list to be longer. Like Unedited Footage of A Bear long.