The gender wage gap is like one of those bad party guests who routinely shows up empty-handed, drinks all the booze, and then passes out on the couch after peeing on it. Like, really? You're still kicking around, bro? It's 2015. Time to get current and out of your mom's basement. And please. Put the artichoke dip DOWN.

Which is why Senator Charles Schumer is eager to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, which, to a degree, would level the playing field between male and female workers, at least in terms of income.

Says Schumer: "A man and a woman who do the same job should get the same pay." He also called the pay gap between women and men—still 78 cents to every dollar—"shocking," which is true, but also, it's just plain pathetic and disgusting.

Pay wage gaps and shitty party guests: GTFOH already.


Image via AP