Oh WTF indeed.

This was an ad in a local paper here. It is an advertisement for a seminar from Mothers Teach Your Daughters that promises to empower mothers and daughters to be strong women for tomorrow. And how exactly do they plan to do this? By teaching them how to take care of the fetuses in their wombs. Obviously!

Now, before all of you jump the fuck down my throat, yes, being a mother is empowering as all HELL and yes they are a lot of damn strong women who are mothers, and we owe all of them one giant collective hat tip. If a group of women wants to get together and talk about prenatal care, or how empowering parenting is and discuss ways women can be good moms to their daughters, that is fucking awesome. No one, not me or anyone at this blog would say otherwise.

However. If you're going to promote yourself as a seminar that teaches women to be "strong women for tomorrow" and the only fucking thing you are going to offer them is a "a presentation to encourage mothers how to care for their body and the child coming into the world," and "the effects of music in the womb" then you are just full of shit. Seriously. You are full of fucking shit. That is going to teach me to be a strong woman for tomorrow? By playing Baby fucking Mozart for a fetus?

Of course, maybe I shouldn't be too surprised. This is, after all, a seminar being offered in my home state that happens to be the same state that's keeping a woman alive expressly against her and her family's wishes just so she can serve as an incubator for a fetus.

Anyway, if you're in Texas on the 18th, join me and let's swing by this seminar and learn how we can become strong women empowered to make meaningful change in the world incubate our fetuses real good! Empowerment, ladies!