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Semi-Terrifying Dating Site Reveals What Strangers Really Think of You

Illustration for article titled Semi-Terrifying Dating Site Reveals What Strangers Really Think of You

BetaDater "helps you diagnose WHY" you're alone and miserable via an onerous-sounding service that could only possibly appeal to masochists and Human Resources reps. No thanks!


BetaDater, a "peer-to-peer, data driven" dating experience, was developed by an engineer and an economist. Sexy. Users first fill out your standard "first-date self-assessment" — age, location, whether you enjoy The Wire or not — before getting matched up. Then the real fun begins:

Go on 3 thirty-minute dates over a quality 3course meal and receive 3 pieces of feedback from your dates —and you provide them with the same. And because BetaDates are just that—beta—there's no pressure: the feedback you provide and the feedback you receive is anonymous, directed, and constructive, so you can relax and just be yourself. And at the end of the BetaDate, if you both anonymously indicate that you want to see one another again, we'll make the love connection!


Because getting dinner with/being judged by one stranger isn't traumatizing enough.

Then you get a "dating diagnostic":

All of your anonymized feedback is aggregated and presented to you in the form of a Dating Diagnostic report that a) compares your self-perception to that of your dates', b) reveals what areas you may be overestimating or even underestimating the quality of your first impression, and c) gives you the data you need to ask "do people see me as I see myself?"

If you reaaaally want to know if people see you as you see yourself, why not ask a close friend (or even a non-psychotic ex) instead of a random person with whom you just split an appetizer who has his/her own totally subjective opinion in regards to your dateability? Or, you know, Reddit.


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Rebecca "Burt" Rose

This is awesome! My feedback's going great so far:

"Umm. I don't know. How do you rank a woman who's life passion is 'counting every single hair on pictures of Burt Reynolds semi-nude' and who freely describes herself as an "Agrarian, alcoholic anti-Lizard People-craftsy type' ?

"I can't even believe you people would match me with this idiot. How many times can one person mention Vodka in a sentence? Oh wait, I know—47. Yeah. And she got cut-off mid-sentence because she had to take a phone call from an irate parole officer."

"I'm sorry, is this a dating site for a mental institution of some kind? Serious question."


Yay!!! Looks like these guys are really warming up to me! That last guy didn't even threaten to get a restraining order!