Selfie Stick Saves Teen From Drowning

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A teenager named Erynn Johns was swimming at a beach in Nantucket with her father, when they got stuck in a rip current and had to fight their way out. Erynn was wading in the water with a selfie stick that had a waterproof GoPro video camera attached to it. Suddently, a powerful current swept Erynn and her father underwater. The video camera flipped and spinned while it recorded Erynn struggling to keep her head above water, Daily Mail reports.

Both Erynn and her father were holding onto the stick when a man on the shore saw what was happening and came out to help. He used the stick to pull Erynn back to the shore, but her father was swept further out to sea. Eventually, the unidentified man and lifeguards were able to bring him back safely. The teen believes the selfie stick was an important factor in her rescue. You did good this time, selfie stick, you did good.

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PSA: You get stuck in one of these, you swim parallel to the shore, direction doesn’t matter, until you make your way out of it. Trying to swim through it won’t work, they’re too strong.


Got caught in a riptide at age 11 and had to be rescued by the lifeguards.