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Selfie Looks Like a Stupid, Sexist Mess

Oh, no! Selfie — a new sitcom starring John Cho and Karen Gillan that's slated to come to ABC this fall — looks absolutely terrrrrrrrrrible.


An updated version of My Fair Lady (which, in turn is an updated version of George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion), Selfie tells the story of Eliza Dooley (Gillan), a vain simpleton who's more concerned with how she looks on Instagram than she is with her career, her relationships or any other IRL circumstance.

Things start to change for Eliza after business man Henry Higgins (Cho) makes it his mission to change "this vapid, social media-obsessed narcissist into a woman of stature." Oh, good. Just what we needed — another show about men telling women how they should or shouldn't act for the sake of propriety.


Hopefully the hokiness of the trailer is misleading. Both Cho (Harold and Kumar, Sleepy Hallow) and Gillan (Doctor Who) have charm to spare and it would be a real shame to see that wasted. For their sake, I'm willing to give Selfie a chance — but only because I love Amy Pond and John Cho CAN GET IT.

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Ugh, I'll let you watch this one and let us know how it is because while I too like Gillan and Cho, this just sounds like tired-as-fuck terible writing.