Welcome back to Selfie Loathing, in which we watch what happens when stars turn the camera on themselves. Celebrity Instagrams, presented without comment. Enjoy.

My Father is bigger than anything against me. # Godislove.

Smarty pants... Somethin about glasses that makes me feel like I'm in Mensa while I play Words With Friends ... Happy Saturday kids!

Backstage @Balenciaga #Paris #Alexanderwang

Always so nice seeing you sweet@iosonomariacarlaboscono ❤️Sempre tão bom te ver doce @iosonomariacarlaboscono

on my way to finish this album. And I am not coming back til it's done. #Lambily #Focused #asyetuntilted


Moynat luggage #WORK

Coco Chanel Apartment

Darling it's better down where it's wetter take it from me

Ok I'm were it's at DAYTONA a little rain will not stop the show @chrisevans

Researched, studied, and prepared.

Me an my Boriqua Sista @RosiePerezBklyn at her book release party Handbook For An Unpredictable Life S/O to @Brioni_Official for the holly swag stop photo bompin @dionsizzapp

once told @usweekly about my Law & Order (@nbcsvu) corpse bucketlist wish. Look at me now! I deed it!@mariska takes a selfie.

Hardest thing ever: holding your breath 45 seconds while the grown ups talk about you. Had a ball today guys thanks to Kelli, Ice, Tamara, Mariska & the entire staff of @nbcsvu (Law & OrderSVU) had fun!

Lonely hotel nights - hehe - jumpin' rope in the bathroom

Can you take it !!! Two of my favorite men on this earth !!!!!@jimmyfallon and adam my love! #bestnightever

after Modern Family tonight we kick off our new show @MixologyABC...it's from the writers of The Hangover so it's pretty much amazing. Follow these guys now before they get big heads @blakeleeblake @cheetosantino @sircraigfrank

hey @jlo

@mirandakerr thanks for sharing the bench. So nice to meet you, beautiful.

So...finally got around to reading @itsashbenzo cover article in Cosmo

Ciaooooo ✈️✈️✈️


Cut-outs are in. We got the memo. With @samirawiley and@nicolebeharie. #PhotoBomb courtesy of @daniebb3.@Essencemag#Oscars

AND THEN I met Sidney Poitier!!!!!!!! My Inspiration My Example My Hope My Gold Standard Words cannot express my joy and amazement in having this dream encounter come true. #Blessed! #Oscars @lovegoldlive @essencemag#BlackWomenInHollywood

Angela Bassett .@jurneesmollett loved seeing you @AlfreWoodard's

Sorry #CHiPs there's a new Officer in town! #STLHP

I feel like a walking #quicherobbery in i❤️ny #saintlaurentysl #elizabethtaylorsfur #hermesbirkin #wendynicholboots

Love this guy @olivier_rousteing #BALMAIN

Traveling man mustache selfie



Down at the Academy Award rehearsal. Always fun watching the actors who get to pretend they Won!

Cool shot taken by Ethan just now. #imnotactingpissedhereimactuallypissed #winkyface

One flew over the meet cute nest

Purple people eater! Kisses to all the #brats in the world!

Morning Vienna

Too excited to filter this... NO BIG DEAL -#Selfieswiththeprez.... Bill Clinton - so nice to meet you!!!!