Welcome back. May we have a moment of silence out of respect for Rihanna's Instagram? Thank you. Now we must move on, it's what she would want.

This is Selfie Loathing, our weekly look at what celebrities are doing on Instagram.


This week: Kylie Jenner is listening to our favorite song, Fiddy meets The Transporter, Madonna hides from Diplo and Lady Gaga's dog is "dancing."

when you're the only one who doesn't know the song..

The fault in our stars. W @natandalex

Omg, @Emoryuniversity, you gotta be kidding me with these Alon's cookies. They helped me get my speech done! Thanks@saraharison for the introduction. See you soon graduating class!!!

Commercial shoot for @myxfusions Moscato


StellaMcCartney, Versace, Celine, PilyQ. @myxfusions #getinthemyx

P.S. Paris selfie.

My gypsies

Drunken broken camera equals rad shots

A damn fine night... #nofilter

Another Basel Cell Carsinoma. All out now. Thanks Dr. Albom and Dr. Arian. PLEASE! PLEASE! WEAR SUNSCREEN!

Where now and what now?

#steventyler @iamstevent getting ready for the #Aerosmith#LetRockRule Tour...

Another amazin journey comin to an end this wk...Australia has been unreal

You want action,you want Jason Statham. I'm Super cool, I'm 50 #SMSaudio#animalambition.


You know how you always say "pic or it didn't happen"? It happened. @padmalakshmi

Again... Derby.

Birthday kisses.

@GailSimmons & I both selfied this photo w/ both of our phones backstage at the James Beard awards #JBFA

letting out my inner lioness #100happydays #4happychicks #curly #mane

Me and King #CollinFirth dining. #regram @livia_firth #METBall

ALIEN IN REHAB! And BTW F*** that SBers 2 BS, they're doing it without HARMONY's CONSENT. Sounds LAME AS A MUTHA!

sick threads from @burberry #idollive

Backstage for a special @michaelkors runway show in Shanghai tonight. 💋#MKShanghai#JETSETGO

Walk it out video coming, so soon! Wrap it up , it's done ! #walkitout

BYE GIRL BYE! #rideordie #itszeeweekend

On my way to a photo shoot for Complex Mag. But first....lemme take a #Selfish !#GotSleepButIwantMoe !

Who doesn't love a good #CELINE#givenchy @blkdnm #oliverpeoples look!

ORANGE press with this hottie @dashpolanco #oitnb #daya #alex

Selfie with this birthday ass hole @cheythom #facedownassup #ispyzitcream

Brooklyn Bridge

So sweet!

Finger party. @trinaturk triple stone ring for summer times ahead

TGIF! #pitchperfect2

A toast to you for spreading the good word of @yearsofliving aka Years Of Living Dangerously. I'll be watching with you from Necker Island with amazing people. Thank you @richardbranson for this extraordinary experience and inspiring so many! AND Thank YOU everyone for being so driven and inspiring! Wow. Wow. Wow. Tonight on SHOWTIME 10PM- see you then! Love, Ian

Eating seaweed snacks makes me feel like I belong in an aquarium. And I like dat shit.

Gypsy Life

Asia Makes It Rain

Asia Makes it Rain II (I love my dog so much it's literally an illness)

Beach time!!! @jlo #SoGood#Jeepwrangler#Neff#beachlife

Heading out for a little adventure - see you all when I get back. Love on! #offthegrid

Diplo is a slave driver! Got me working all hours of the night in the studio. Had to sneak into the bathroom! #clicclacclicclacbitchgetoffmyback

This is what I look like frantically answering questions during the twitter chat...in case you were wondering....

Way Up

Life partners