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Self-Proclaimed 'Vampire' Attacks Elderly Man on Vacant Hooters Porch

Illustration for article titled Self-Proclaimed Vampire Attacks Elderly Man on Vacant Hooters Porch

Sixty-nine year old Milton Ellis of St. Petersburg, Florida was awakened by 22-year-old Josephine Rebecca Smith biting the crap out of his face and neck on Friday. Alarmed, the man fled to a nearby gas station where he reported the incident. Police returned to the scene of the crime, the porch outside of an abandoned Hooters restaurant, and found a strange sight. Reports the St. Petersburg Times,

Police found Smith there, half naked and covered in blood, but uninjured. They said she had no idea what happened or why her clothes were off. Ellis said she was dressed when he last saw her, police said.


Smith is being held on a $50,000 bond and took a pretty spectacular mug shot.

So it was the semi nude vampire, on the porch of the abandoned Hooters, with the teeth. This game of Clue got weird quickly.


St. Petersburg police accuse woman, 22, of 'vampire' attack on man [St. Petersburg Times]

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The mug shot