Selena Gomez's Ambitiously Candid 'Lose You To Love Me' Lost Us

It’s... passable: Selena Gomez, “Lose You To Love Me” - Selena Gomez is at her best when her lackadaisical whisper singing partners up with a giant pop radio hit or a Talking Heads sample, which is probably why her first single in four years, “Lose You To Love Me,” produced by Billie Eillish’s brother Finneas, has lost me. It’s a fine, perfectly pleasant tune—a song that is refreshingly and ambitiously candid for her—but it’s not the one. I’m most excited for her future. —Maria Sherman


Yes: Selena Gomez, “Look At Her Now” - What the hell? Why wasn’t this the first single? It’s far superior? Huh? Catch me “mm m mmm’ing” my way through the grocery store for the rest of the year. —MS

Y: Tinashe fear. Ms. Banks, “Die a Little Bit” - Curiously, Tinashe and her many, many, many contributions to the musical soundscape of the 2010s (including her groundbreaking “2 On”) were absent from all those end-of-decade lists. It looks like her decision to fire her saboteur record label and meddling team was the smartest decision of her career. “Die a Little Bit,” featuring South London rapper Ms. Banks, is phenomenal new addition to her pantheon of extremely danceable whisper-tracks with progressive beats. Chant-choruses are welcome in any pop song, as far as I’m concerned, but I’m mostly obsessed with how her voice barely trails the rhythm. Just dancing to the song like a fool in my own room conjured a sweaty, whiskey-intoxicated club crowd around me. Tits out, drinks up, asses shaking—the best way for any song to be enjoyed! And then there’s Ms. Banks, whose honey-smooth flow perfectly rounds out the songs second-half. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the song to cross her over to a wider, States-side audience. (And if you’re craving more, please go listen to “Snack.”) —Joan Summers

Y: JoJo feat. CHIKA, “Sabotage” - Few things in life have upset me as much as JoJo’s decade-long forced musical hiatus. Ten years after her sophomore record, in 2016 she returned with Mad Love. Another three years and two re-recorded albums later, she has finally blessed us with the promise of more music to come. “Sabotage” features a relaxed beat and shows off the soulful, syrupy Jojo vocals that I can never get enough of. Catch me listening to this song on repeat while I stare longingly out the window, waiting for the full album. —Lisa Fischer


Y: Frances Quinlan, “Rare Thing” - As a one-time resident of Philadelphia, my greatest shame has been never getting super into indie rock greats Hop Along. Perhaps that will change this week, because I am extremely into Hop Along vocalist Frances Quinlan’s new solo project (though, as Stereogum informs me, Hop Along began as a solo project and I am apparently many years late to the party. Wouldn’t be the first time.) “Rare Thing” is much more synth-forward than I am familiar with her other band for being, and there are harps, so, you know, I’m on board. —MS


Y: Louis Tomlinson, “We Made It” - Every knew Louis Tomlinson solo single sounds more... English? than the one that proceeded it. This is blockbuster-sized pop-rock filtered through Oasis-cosplay. I mean, he’s even wearing Gallagher-brother parka. That said, “We Made It” is sweet and uplifting without being overly saccharine (though you’d be wise to fast-forward through the 20-second spoken-word intro) and I’m certainly going to listen more than once. Good on you, mate. —MS


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SuckMyLeft1...part 2. (It’s a Bikini Kill song btw)

I agree that Selena’s singles should have been reversed, we all know Justin is listening to them on repeat when Hailey ain’t looking. I’m also rooting for Selena, she’s been through some dark shit.