Selena Gomez Premieres Her New Netflix Show's Trailer On Instagram Of Course

Selena Gomez is an executive producer on Netflix’s new 13 Reasons Why series, based on the wildly popular YA novel of the same name. It seems to have informed the marketing campaign—her 108 million Instagram followers got the debut trailer in their timeline on Wednesday.


Deadline reports that the story revolves around the death of a girl named Hannah, who died by suicide. Hannah leaves behind a box of cassette tapes that are passed to 12 of her fellow students, on which Hannah gives the “13 reasons why” she killed herself, and how each of them contributed to her death. The first two episodes are directed by Spotlight’s Tom McCarthy. Though Gomez isn’t slated to act, she’s definitely boosting the series’ profile on social media, bypassing Netflix’s usual YouTube trailer release strategy:

This is the teen drama suicide story that only Gomez’s eerily innocent face could make me interested in.


JujyMonkey: unstable genius

108 MILLION people follow this kid? I’ve nothing against SG, but.........why so many?