Selena Gomez and Niall Horan Are NOT Dating, Despite How Happy It Would Make Me

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Selena Gomez and Niall Horan Are NOT Dating, Despite How Happy It Would Make Me

Selena Gomez and former One Direction singer/golf enthusiast Niall Horan have been friends for years, and largely without any rumors of romance between them. (Gomez’s relationship with Justin Bieber is partially to blame for that.) But after the pair were seen kicking it at some major label showcase last week, the gossip world did its thing and thought, yup, this is it, those two are totally smooching and maybe even touching parts now. Except they aren’t, which is very distressing to me, someone who ships it.

A source close to Selena Gomez told Hollywood Life:

“Selena thinks Niall is great and loves his music but they are not boyfriend and girlfriend despite some of the rumors. Selena is not really dating right now even though she thinks Niall is cute and totally talented, and she appreciates some of the nice things he has said about her. But she is not in any romantic relationship. She has been spending her time with friends, hanging out, and taking care of herself. Not that she wouldn’t date Niall someday, she’s just not seeing anyone right now.”

Funny how all tabloid “sources” sound remarkably similar. This one continued:

“Selena and Niall are very cool with each other and are friends. They have flirted in the past but Selena and dating is just not something she is interested in right now, even someone she thinks that is so cool and nice like Niall. Selena will find love at her own pace and time, but with Niall it’s just not happening right now because she wants to be the best her before she shares herself romantically with anyone.”

Well, fine, that sounds really fucking mature, or whatever, but I want the teen pop stars of yesteryear (re: five years ago) to get together, fulfilling the prophecy Disney or whomever set forth. You need this to happen. I need this to happen. Please, my crops are dying.

[Hollywood Life]

Screenshot:Hollywood Life

And now for an uncharacteristically pleasant Dirt Bag headline: Wendy Williams is doing well, despite illness, addiction, a stint at a sober house, an extended hiatus from her show and all the shit going down with her husband and his infidelity. She’s been dealt a poor hand but she’s handling it.

A source told Hollywood Life:

“Wendy is feeling better despite her health and marriage challenges. Wendy has put on a brave face, is doing well at work again and thriving with her health and recovery too. She is still staying at the sober living, is stronger than ever and determined to succeed with her sobriety, career, relationships and family. While critics who pick apart her health, career or marriage may say that Wendy’s is falling, she feels her real fans will realize the opposite. And that despite all her challenges, she is rising above and will come out on top.”

That’s great!

[Hollywood Life]

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