Selena Gomez and Katy Perry Responded to the Orlando Bloom ‘Conspiracy’ With Emojis

Everyone can stop worrying about Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, and Orlando Bloom’s love triangle (I know none of you were worrying about Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, and Orlando Bloom’s love triangle), because two of the three parties involved have commented publicly on the matter.

In an emoji-filled tweet sent last night, Katy Perry told us all to quit focusing on the “dumb conspiracy,” and pay attention to Orlando Bloom’s charity work.


Gomez expressed her agreement with a single emoji:

She then tweeted this, which I’m not sure really applies to the situation, but whatever!


And with that, I think we’re done with the Ploomez gossip forever. Thank god.


When asked about his little sister Janet’s pregnancy, Jermaine Jackson had a lot to say, and I’m annoyed by just about all of it.


Writes Us Weekly:

“My sister Janet is my baby. She is fine but she’s having a baby,” he said. “A baby having a baby. We look at her like our little baby. And now she’s grown up and she’s having a baby. I’m proud to be an uncle and I can’t wait to see how this baby is going to look,” he said.


“She’ll be a great mother because she is very tough, very strict,” he revealed. “I tell her, ‘If you need any parenting skills or any baby skills, let me know because I’m the best diaper changer there is on this planet, still to this day’”


But wait:

“Oh, yeah. Yeah!” the singer replied when asked whether Paris, Prince and Blanket were excited, before he was pulled away by his wife.


When do we think he and Janet last spoke? 2011?

[Us Weekly]

Dear Annie,

“Frontal photo bombs” are not a thing.




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