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Selieber Is Unceremoniously Announced

Gomez and Bieber in 2011 when they were a couple. Image via the AP.
Gomez and Bieber in 2011 when they were a couple. Image via the AP.

As though America has not been waiting on this bombshell for weeks, TMZ just casually dropped this line, as fact, into a report that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber spent the majority of yesterday together at church:


They are back together, after Justin began courting Selena a few months back when she had her kidney transplant.”


On November 2nd, Us Weekly reported they are “officially back together!” according to an insider, but last night E! used the term “fueling rumors” and People said Justin is “waiting for Gomez” to announce it. America, too, must wait.


I swear to God the other presidents are girl-squadding Donald Trump. Former official White House photographer Pete Souza Instagrammed this throwback yesterday of Dubya, Clinton, and the Obamas laughing (inside joke), around the same time the New York Times published a piece saying Bush41 and Bush43 “both worry that Mr. Trump has blown up a Republican Party that they spent two lifetimes building...” And then there’s Jeb. This extends Trump feuds with all presidents but Jimmy Carter.

The above isn’t from the presidents, but they’ve been pictured hanging out a lot since Trump took office.

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Blake Lively continues expanding her range, the price she must pay for having gotten her Gossip Girl role over J-Law all those years ago. Here she is in sweatpants.


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The fact that the former presidents are either inadvertently or purposely mean girling 45 makes me smile for a moment. If I had more skill I would edit the “you can’t sit with us” to have the presidents’ faces.