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Seems Like Donald Trump's Miracle Coronavirus Drug Is Only a Miracle for the Stock Market

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Donald Trump’s personal miracle drug Remedsivir is apparently no miracle at all! A clinical trial released by the World Health Organization suggests that the drug doesn’t have much of an impact at all. “The Covid-19 treatment remdesivir has no substantial effect on a patient’s chances of survival,” said a report by the Financial Times. And, contrary to Trump’s claim that his drug cocktail and his youth got him out of the hospital faster than quick, the trial seems to disagree. “The results of the WHO trial also showed that the drugs had little effect on how long patients stayed in the hospital.”

Still, Remedsivir has not been touted by actual doctors as a cure for covid-19–rather it’s been explored as a treatment that might possibly reduce mortality rates. It was Trump who, after being treated with the drug at Walter Reed along with Regeneron and other steroids, praised it as life-saving which directly resulted in stock prices for Regeneron and Pfizer rising. This created another moment for Trump to pat himself on the back for a good day on the stock exchange. But share prices aside, if the WHO is now saying Remedsivir has no effect on mortality, Donald Trump is not miraculously cured. This is a rather unfortunate update for all of the staffers and civilians who were present at his last rally where he joked about kissing every person in the room because he felt so healthy.

Would be a shame if this news led to the cancellation of his town hall event on NBC! [Financial Times]


To quote Whoopi Goldberg in the greatest spooky love story of all time, Ghost, Kamala Harris, you in danger girl.


On Thursday morning the Biden campaign announced that Senator Harris’ travel plans for the weekend had been canceled after two staffers, including Harris’ communications director Liz Allen, tested positive for the coronavirus. Harris was scheduled to make a campaign stop in North Carolina on Thursday but out of an “abundance of caution,” the stop was canceled and Harris will instead be virtually campaigning at least until Sunday. Joe Biden will still be present at Thursday night’s town hall which is occurring in place of the second presidential debate.

While the Biden campaign released a statement claiming that Harris did not come into close contact with the infected staffers, there is still potential that she was exposed and with the way 2020 is set up, you never know. For the senator’s well-being, I recommend she be submerged in a vat of Vicks Vapo Rub and be left in complete isolation until it is safe for her to return. [Washington Post]


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