Seems Like David Bowie's Son Preferred Lorde's Tribute to Lady Gaga's

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Duncan Jones speaks in riddles.

At The Brit Awards on Wednesday, Lorde paid tribute to David Bowie with a cover of “Life On Mars,” after being introduced by Gary Oldman as someone David Bowie called “the future of music.” That’s a lot of build up, but at least one person thought she delivered. Bowie’s son Duncan Jones tweeted soon after:


That’s very different from what he tweeted after Lady Gaga’s Bowie-dedicated performance at the Grammys:


The word is Gaga.

Honestly, I think Lorde sounds kinda blah, but feel free to disagree as long as we all agree that there can be only one true Bowie tribute.

Image via ITV News.

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Perhaps it was not so much about Lorde as that this one actually was about David Bowie; with a montage of David Bowie; and David Bowie’s vocals.

Lady Gaga’s seemed overdone and kitsch; the focus was no longer on Bowie.

Duncan Jones did not actually mention Lorde, but the entire montage which is quite moving. With the man himself starring in the montage.

As it should be.