See New Footage of Stephen Sprouse's Very First Show

KCD and Fashionista digitized recently unearthed archival footage of Stephen Sprouse's very first show. The year was 1984, and New York fashion was still all punk and cool and shit. Watch out especially for transgender model Teri Toye, Sprouse's muse. "I don’t think people had really experienced anything like it – the energy and the vibe and the whole feeling was so electric that people just were kind of amazed by it," says Julie Mannion of the fashion P.R. firm KCD, who assisted backstage. With the Met's "Punk: Chaos to Couture" show set to open next week, why not take a moment to look back?

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This makes me miss what "fashion" used to be about ... Actually cool, really interesting clothes that pushed you and even made you think. Now all we see is the same thing over and over and then you go buy the knock off for 12$ that was made with slave labor.